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V-11 "W. F. "Bill" Moran by Charlton Ltd." With Bill's permission we have re-created his famous ST-23 Damascus Combat knife, battle proven in the 'Nam. This is a BIG knife...massive 14 1/2" overall. A perfect copy. (Bill passed in 2006, a great knifemaker, a greater man!). ***If you don't want to pay our price I can probably find you an original for about 10-15 times as much!

Price $1200
V101: Our beautiful rendition of a Classic Native American Smoking Hawk.

"We also make this "smoking Hawk is a very similar "Carry Hawk" without the Bowl but rather a "Spike"...it is in Tsunami pattern & quit simply---Stunning.

Price $795

Call us @ (252) 267-7272 after 12EST or Email us at Rob@damascususa.com
V-34 Harley-Davidson 5th Anniversary H.O.G.(Harley Owners Group)

Limited Edition set of two, Damascus Dagger & Bowie. Issued in 1988 these sets are now 28 years old. "True" Limited Editions since only 100 sets were ever made. Thats right, 100...not a thousand, or 7,500 but ONLY 100 sets! We did the Damascus & famous maker Gil Hibben assembled them into their full unique beauty! These feature our famous "Forged-to-Shape" (vs. the much simpler "stock-removal") Damascus blades with rich Brass hardware. The set includes a letter of authenticity plus other paperwork including a copy of the original H-D purchase order. (Please note that the set you accquire will have a different serial then the "Master" photo shown.) ONLY 100 sets, both knives serialized alike..e.g. 7x of 100 w/both our & Hibben knives stampings. The set also includes a beautiful Oak presentation rack which is also serialized, fitted suitable for a glass cover. (No, don't ask me to ship a cover, they break! Any local glass shop can do one) H-D got $2,200- way back in '88. A great investment in rare Americana & "The" lowest issue number & absolutely the rarest of the rare of ANY Harley collectible. I saved a very few sets when we processed the original H-D order & these are strickly original & the real deal.

Price is $15,000
A truly superb Hand Crafted High Art beauty. This piece features our beautiful Tsunami pattern Damascusl with Copper accents including an oval Top plate and Shaft support with a final round above the walking tip(not shown). They beautify a 36" shaft of South African Rosewood which is not just a pretty face but extremely rugged and functional. The Hand Crafted Leather "Sheath" (Cover) completes the outfit. Strut with this one cause' no one will outshine you!

Price $795
Walking Stick (Cane)
Rob Charlton
Richard Robert Charlton
Joshua Hunter Charlton
A classic clone of (a) An 1860 Ames Calvary Sword w/out Scabbard. (b) Also described as a U.S.M.C. Non-Com's Sword.

Suitable for a lovely display it is also quite useable! (in case you reside in a Liberal Non-Gun jurisdiction) Brass hardware. Beautiful!!!

Price $1,100-
Damascus USA
The World Leader in Hand Crafted Damascus Cutlery
Depending on Postal Zone(s) 1-2 through 9 from our Zip to yours EXACT charges for USPS/2nd Day on (1) Knife or Blade will be billed from approx. $6.65 to $10.50. Higher weights will be billed higher. If we can ship for less we will. Were not trying to overcharge on shipping! Never have never will! We will calculate EXACT shipping prior to shipment & E Mail you.
Please don't ask for another Shipper.
International shipping same deal except specify Shipper. e.g. DHL, etc.
The tang is marked with Charlton Ltd on one side and WF Moran on the other.
V102: Carry Hawk. 24" Overall of a classic American Indian Tomahawk featuring a sharpened Tsunami head, skull crusher & 3 1/4" butt cap with another striking point mounted on a beautiful wooden shaft with decorative pins. A double stitched heavy leather sheath completes the Hawk;.
Price $795
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