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Damascus USA
The World Leader in Hand Crafted Damascus Cutlery
V95 Karambit style folder in 100% Damascus. Beautiful! $375
V96 Police In honor of Joshua Hunter, Son,2, a Police Officer (& Lt. in the NC Guard) 100% Lock back Folder w/ 4.35", Length Blade, (9.91" Overall.) Please note the Pocket Clip is ALSO in MATCHING Damascus! Available in either a "Plain", un-serrated Blade (& the V96s w/serrated Blade.) V96 Price $400- V96s $450
V97 Military & so marked. In honor of Richard Robert, Son1, Medically retired Army (who wanted it called
the V19d being as 19Delta was his MOS!) 100% Damascus Liner Lock Folder, 4" Blade length, 9.5" O.A.
This is beefier & heavier then the Police. Stone gorgeous! Price $500-
Rob Charlton
Richard Robert Charlton
Joshua Hunter Charlton
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