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Thank you for your interest in our 100% finished hand DAMASCUS knife blanks for both the hobbyist and the professional custom knife maker.


About our program... We initially started a pilot program in 1995, and have spent the past few years trying to develop truly nice "Low Cost" Damascus blade blanks of excellent quality.

We have finally gotten it right for you!
Our aim? To provide absolutely top quality 500+ layer 100% Finished Damascus Blade Blanks. Some years ago we had the famous Blade maker Bob Engnath (& his wife Steavie) of BLADES N STUFF in Burbank, CA. design some very attractive models from their copyrighted patterns. Bob has, unfortunately, passed away..but his wonderful patterns live on!

Don't let these low prices fool you. We have duplicated our 500+ layered hand forged Damascus blanks and are offering them now DIRECT from us
Ask about our military and first responder discounts!
10% off when purchasing 2 or more blanks


Many have asked about "Special Orders" and YES, we can provide your design but on "Special Orders" minimum lots of one (1) dozen blanks will be required.
#70 Bolster Dagger. Superb! (9 1/4" O.A.) $105-
79M Classic Loveless style Hunter. Classic Drop Point. (8" O.A.) $75
Add $50 for matching Damascus guard.
#400 Dagger. An elegant piece! (7 3/4" Blade/4 1/4" Stick) $125- add $50 for Matching Guard.
Rob Charlton
Richard Robert Charlton
Joshua Hunter Charlton
Damascus USA
The World Leader in Hand Crafted Damascus Cutlery
#300 K.O. Tanto. A long, beautiful job also w/Armor piercing tip. (9" Blade/4" Stick) We only have these with Matching Guard. $175-
1M Short Bowie/Camper. (5 1/2" Blade/4"+ Stick) $115- Add $50- for matching guard.
#101m Persian. In the new Tsunami..stunning! (7 3/4" Blade/4 3/4" tang.$125
#107 Randall style copy. Beautiful! (7 1/2" Blade/4" Stick) $125- Add $50 for matching guard.
#8 Feather
Full tang 8 1/2 inches overall
Depending on Postal Zone(s) 1-2 through 9 from our Zip to yours EXACT charges for USPS/2nd Day on (1) Knife or Blade will be billed from approx. $6.65 to $10.50. Higher weights will be billed higher. If we can ship for less we will. Were not trying to overcharge on shipping! Never have never will! We will calculate EXACT shipping prior to shipment & E Mail you.
Please don't ask for another Shipper.
International shipping same deal except specify Shipper. e.g. DHL, etc.u
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#95 Sharpie
4 inch blade/ 3 3/4 tang
#13 Fairbairn-Sykes V42 WW II Dagger....7 1/4" Blade/5 1/2" tang. Damascus Blade w/matching Guard & Butt Cap. $175-
#10 W. F. Bill Moran by Charlton Ltd. "Everything". 9 1/4" (O.A.) of a sweet carry. Matching Tsunami Guard. (see the V10 Finished knife in FINISHED KNIVES section.) $115-
#10 m Mini Moran carry, caper or utility. 6 1/2" (O.A.) of nice. Matching Tsunami Guard. $100-
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