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Damascus USA
The World Leader in Hand Crafted Damascus Cutlery
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NOTE: For a nominal fee we can personalizeANY of our models with a "Date of Birth" dime (you provide) and/or other approximate coin. At "cost" we can also Laser engrave the blade. In other words--INSTANT HEIRLOOM!
#25 Blade Blank w/Guard (see BLADE BLANKS p.1 #25 Bowie) First, you ask for a quote on getting a Brass handle installed with your name (or another's) on this blade handle (or any other Model Blade Handle). May take awhile so don't linger. We take the Blade, do the handle AND provide a sheath.

Again, just like all our stuff--SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. (Or $$ back) Remember, we can also Engrave stuff on Blades (or) Handles. Don't call, E Mail. One elderly ear is kaput & the other's not far behind!